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We Make You Money!

Mobile development firms will build you a great piece of technology, but they won't provide you a revenue stream. We build apps that will not only be popular, but will provide you with a reliable income source. How do we do this?

We Target Paying Customers for Your App

In a study done monitoring the spending of Android users versus iPhone users they discovered that on average Android users when visiting an e-commerce site spend an average of $11.54 per transaction, whereas iPhone users $32.94, almost 3x that of Android users.

One of the top Mobile Development Companies in the world made this statement: "The leader in this category (of profit from app sales) is Apple’s iOS platform, with over 25% of its developers earning over $5,000 per month...The iOS platform has a wider spread of overall earnings, increasing your odds to make money via their app market as a newcomer."

Therefore, wouldn't it make sense to launch first on iOS where you know you have a far higher chance of getting the money back quicker that you put into your app?

Make Money from Your App

Forbes gives a staggering statistic. 60% of all iOS apps fail to make their owners money. Why? Many apps lack features to create revenue. It is unwise to put your resources into a product that will not provide a return on your investment.

From day 1, we focus on money. We help you look for ways in which you can turn your idea not into just a popular product, but into a profitable product. We make sure that before money is spent, you know how money will be earned.

And how is it that we do this? Through Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Many mobile development companies only build your application, but do not provide marketing services. This is a very inappropriate approach. As of March 2017, the Apple App Store contained 2.2 million apps and Tech Crunch estimates that this number will reach 5 million by 2020. How will people find your app amidst all the others?

Mobile Marketing. We use state of the art techniques to make sure that your apps are seen on the App Store, Google, Instagram, and on Facebook, getting your app in front of hundreds of millions of potential customers. We also, within the application itself incorporate non obtrusive marketing strategies in order to get your app in front of more people, therefore, making every app download a potential for endless new users.

We Ensure You're Satisfied Every Step of the Way

Our process contains 5 crucial steps:
1. Proof of Concept - in this step we brainstorm how we can turn your idea into a successful and profitable piece of technology. (During this process we will build your website for the application and begin advertising, generating a buzz for your launch)
2. Wireframes - here we create diagrams, or skeleton layouts of how the application will function. In this step you will have a general idea of the purpose and functionality of each screen
3. Mockup - we add the skin to the layouts, choosing color schemes, graphics, and create extremely detailed layouts. By this step, you will know exactly how the app will look and feel when done.
4. Develop - We build the application and put in on the App Store.
5. Make Money - No explanation needed.

Internal Apps for Your Company - Start to Finish In 6-8 Weeks

75% of Fortune 500 companies are using or planning to use an enterprise app, because they recognize it's financial benefits. According to Verizon, 60.6% of employees say that using enterprise applications increased their efficiency, and another report says that mobile apps boost productivity of an employee an average of 34%. This means that if one employee makes you $100/hr, an enterprise application could perhaps make that same employee worth $134/hr. That's an increase of $1360/week for just one employee, of which the average company has many.

One company that we previously built an enterprise application for was able to remove an entire job position completely, based off of the success of this application. This allowed them to allocate more time and resources to other areas. Streamlining a process had a direct and immediate financial advantage.

100% of our Enterprise Applications have been finished in 6-8 weeks. If you were to contact us today, your application could be ready, and being used as early as next month. But please do not delay in contacting us. We currently only have time in our schedule to bring on 1 new client.

Stuff we're proud to show off!

We're proud of everything that we do. If we're not proud of it, then we'll fix whatever is not making us proud. But below are a few things that we're REALLY proud of!

img Sales Management Calculator Simple app for the simple man img My Daily Tasks Extremely simple application for storing daily tasks! img Need a shuttle to your cruise! Go through img Inspection App (Enterprise Application) Built for a wire rope and rigging company based in Las Vegas, NV img My Daily Tasks Home Page Simple way to add tasks in My Daily Tasks img Sales Management Calculator iPad iPad version of the super simple sales calculator! img HappSnap Main Screen Event based application for those looking for some fun! img 12 Week Fitness Job we're currently working on. Redesigning an old iPhone application.

Check the responsiveness!

Just resize your window, or change device orientation!

Why choose Dephyned?

Put simply, we will make you money because we provide the necessary marketing. And we will build your internal application within 4 weeks.

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